What make our organization different from the national cancer organizations, is we are not focused on research; our highest priority is responding and reacting to the emergency calls from cancers patients asking for assistance. We are focused on the cancer families who need assistance now. We are compassionate and strive to ease the immediate financial pain of the client and their families, so they can focus on the health challenge they are facing. 

Cops Against Cancer is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax exempt charitable foundation created from generous private and public donations and these donations are tax deductible. 90 cents of every dollar raised, goes to assist our clients. 
Employer Identification Number: Federal ID # 27-3134587​


I would like to introduce myself - my name is Craig Phinney. Among other things,
I am a retired Ankeny Police Officer with 35 years of law enforcement service in Iowa 
as well as retired from the United States Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist
after serving 24 years. I am more importantly, a cancer survivor!

In February 2009, I faced the most difficult challenge of my life when I received 
a phone call on a Friday evening from my Colon Doctor and heard the most 
frightening three word statement in the English language, "we found cancer." 

Life as I knew it ended that evening along with hope. My Doctor further explained 
I was "diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer and my professional career as a Police Officer
was over." He said, "you won't be chasing bad guys anymore."

One month later, I underwent the full removal of my colon (yes, all five feet of it) and  
after two sperate surgeries, complications and four months of recovery, my family and  
I were preparing for the toughest battle of my adult life. 

I fought back and I returned to full uniform duty four weeks earlier than my 
Cancer Doctors expected.

During my cancer recovery, my wife Shirley and I saw firsthand the struggles 
and the overwhelming changes cancer families endure and Cops Against Cancer, 
a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization was founded in 2010. Cancer families many times 
are on single incomes and face the unexpected financial stresses and challenges associated with their recovery and treatment  
not covered by insurances. 

We discerned the following areas of need: financial assistance for medical treatments, co-payments and supplies, prescription assistance, and educational resources. Together we made a commitment to make a difference in other cancer patients’ lives. 

Cops Against Cancer have been recognized for their efforts in assisting cancer patients. 

July 2010, Craig was awarded as the 2010 American Cancer Society Honorary Cancer Survivor for Polk County (Iowa).

February 2012 - Cops Against Cancer were exclusively invited and was one of three State organizations participating in the proclamation signing by Iowa's Governor Terry Branstad, proclaiming the month of March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

In February 2013, Founders Craig and Shirley Phinney were each individually awarded the Modern Woodman of America Heartland Heroes Award for their accomplishments and dedication to improving the quality of life and contribution to their Community.

In April 2013 - Cops Against Cancer was awarded the American Red Cross Heroes of the Heartland Award for their dedication, commitment and service to Iowa.

May 2013, Iowa U.S. Congressman Tom Latham - made a U.S. House of Representatives presentation recognizing the dedicated service, commitment and impact Cops Against Cancer has made on the residents of Iowa.

In March 2013, a very difficult decision was made to retire from the Ankeny (Iowa) Police Department, following continuous complications from my cancer. After 24 years of service, but I have not lost my fight or drive to continue serving and protecting those in need. 

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Over 450 families in 75 of Iowa’s 99 counties and eight states outside of Iowa have received assistance.
90 cents of every dollar raised goes to assist our clients - 2014 Tax review