This page was last updated: October 31, 2019
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Over 1,500 families in 78 of Iowa’s 99 counties and 
eight states outside of Iowa have received assistance.
85 cents of every dollar raised goes to assist our clients - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 Tax review
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Cops Against Cancer is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt charitable 
foundation created from generous private and public donations and 
these donations are tax deductible. 


* Providing financial assistance and resources to cancer patients 
and families with some of the unexpected expenses associated with
cancer treatments not covered by insurance.

* Providing and promoting cancer awareness and prevention within
our communities through educational retreats and speakers forum.

* Providing cancer patients and families not only during treatment
but also during post treatment by offering professionally certified
WellBeing Coaching services to enhance patients' quality of living. 
We will be providing the families one-on-one, support group, or family coaching.

Other organizations concentrate on research; Cops Against Cancer focuses on the acute financial, educational, and emotional needs of individual cancer patients and their families.

CAC is proud that for the past four years, 85 cents of every dollar raised goes towards the client care programs. 

Our highest priority is responding and reacting to the emergency needs of cancers families asking for assistance. We are focused on the patient's need for assistance now. We are compassionate and strive to ease the immediate financial, emotional and mental pain of the client and their families. By providing the client with our supportive services, they can focus on the health challenges they are facing and also provide reassurance they can reclaim their life and focus on their quality of living.
Providing a hand up, 
not a handout. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Press Release:

This is with sincere regret the Cops Against Cancer organization have to make this announcement. 

On Sept 18, 2019, Executive Director of the Cops Against Cancer organization, Craig Phinney, was admitted to the Des Moines Metro emergency room, suffering severe medical complications. This was Craig's fourth visit to the Emergency room since June 2019. 

During this most recent visit, Director Phinney was 
admitted into the hospital, and during the next 
several weeks, still hospitalized, a battery of 
medical procedures, tests, labs, Cat-Scans 
and MRIs were performed on Director Phinney, 
and he was identified as having Stage 4 cancer. 

Cancer has been found in his small intestine as 
well and a lymphoid in his abdomen. Director 
Phinney also was diagnosed with a couple of
infections to include C-diff, and treatment for 
Phinney’s cancer could not be started until 
Medical Staff were certain these infections 
were gone.

The Cops Against Cancer Board of Members had an emergency meeting voting all the operations for the organization would be suspended until at least April 2020, and membership be allowed to focus on Phinney’s recovery without organizational distractions.

Over the next several months, Director Phinney will be undergoing several months of aggressive chemo and then a review of his recovery. 

The Phinneys are experiencing a lot of emotions and information to process right now. We are asking for prayers and support during this difficult time, we realize Stage 4 cancer is not a death sentence, but this is new cancer, and not just to the rectal region, but the abdomen is also affected.”

​Shirley and Craig Phinney founded Cops Against Cancer in 2010 after Craig's diagnosis in 2009 with stage 2 colon cancer.  Phinney has been cancer-free since 2009. 

During his recovery then, the Phinneys saw the struggles and overwhelming changes cancer families endured. Cops Against Cancer was founded with a mission that reflects the Phinney's 35 years in law enforcement – to “protect and serve” cancer patients and their families.

Since 2012, Cops Against Cancer has assisted more than 1,500 cancer families in 78 of Iowa’s 99 counties. Every year, our organization strives to raise more to accommodate the increasing needs of our clients.

The Cops Against Cancer organization will return following Phinney's treatments, as we realize just how large our organization has grown and the critical impact and resources our organization has provided over the past nine years, and a large number of cancer family lives we have changed.