NEWS:   Local High School students help 2 year with her cancer battle

Thursday, May 26, 2016 @ 9:30a Ankeny Centennial High School 

This morning Shirley Phinney and I had the greatest opportunity to join 28 members
from the Ankeny Centennial High School Ms Larson's Health Sciences class watch a presentation by three talented and amazing Juniors - Kenzie Hannan, Taylor Heyerdahl and Jordie Nielsen. This Trio presented their project supporting Cops Against Cancer and 
partnering with the family of a little 2 year old cancer client. This is a small portion of their presentation.  You truly touched the hearts of your classmates and this organization on your talents.

The project involved the Trio selecting a Metro organization and showcasing how the organization impacts their community. Within hours of a client family contacting us for assistance, Kenzie Hannan contacted our organization asking if her and her friends as a school project could showcase CAC and also how their group could fund-raise and assist one of our clients. The timing was perfect and so was the project.

The family was in need of an immediate stroller for Evie to assist the family in transporting her to and from her medical appointments and treatments, and for a 2 yr old, much easier than a wheelchair. The Trio also had some wants for Evie - once they learn some background on her and Evie's love for FROZEN. The Trio knew happiness and joy are huge and necessary ingredients in fighting and healing childhood illness.

The total project provided and promoted awareness and education. But also raised approximately $1,000.00 in gift cards, donations and products that was directly for the family,

This is truly an example of our youth in the Ankeny Community and sets the bar for others to follow. Thank you Kenzie, Jordie and Taylor for your willingness and huge hearts in making a difference, not only for a little 2 yr old girl, but for her family as well.

Thank you Ms Jodi Larson - because of your involvement with the Cops Against Cancer organization - your students in 18 months through their projects have provided education and awareness and have raised approximately $3,000.00 in dollars to our Client Cares Program.

Here is a portion of their project.
Taylor, Jordy and Kenzie
Shopping for Frozen